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Habitat 1K is the first version of the Phase-1 annotated database available in this webpage. It was created as a contribution for my PhD. It was created with the aim of studying the usefulness of ground-taken photographs for automatic habitat classification. Therefore, Habitat 1K can be seen as a starting point to the use of ground-taken imagery for automatic Phase 1 classifcation.

It contains 1086 ground-taken photographs of rural England. The photographs were taken in the Hampshire County during the summer of 2011 and the winter and summer of 2012. Consequently, most of the habitats present in the database belong to classes A (Woodland and Scrub) and B (Grassland and marsh).

Habitat 1K should be used when interested in testing habitat classification under controlled conditions.

This database was collected during two different seasons (summer and winter) and in four different sites (New Forests, Titchfield Haven, Christmas Commons and the Wildgrounds Nature Reserve). Photographs from New Forest and Titchfield Haven were taken by me while photographs from Christmas Commons and the Wildground Nature Reserve were taken by Glen Hart, to whom I'm forever indebted.

Habitat 1K - Specifications

Characteristics Description
Phase 1 Classes A,B,C,D,F,H.
Number of Images 1086
Resolution 3648x2736
Habitats 4223
Average annotations per image 3.88
Maximum annotations per image 6
Minimum annotations per image 1
Camera model Sony Cybershot DSCHXvb