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Habitat 3K is an extension of Habitat 1K. It includes all images from Habitat 1K plus 2000 more images that were donated by Geograph.

Geograph's aim is to collect, publish, organise and preserve representative images and associated information for every square kilometre of Great Britain, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. Its photographs, as well as its associated information, are freely available to the public.

As the images from Habitat 1K, all images from Habitat 3K are geo-located.

Habitat 3K was created with the aim of increasing the number of photographs in our database and the types of habitats present in it. In comparison with Habitat 1K, it has double the number of images and it includes habitat from three new classes: Open Water, Coastland and Rock Exposures and Waste. Moreover, it includes photographs from all over Great Britain and Ireland. The photographs were also taken during different years and under different weather and seasonal conditions.

Habitat 3K much more varied than Habitat 1K. However, there is a trade off between this increase in variety and the control we have over the photographs in the database: the images have a drastically lower resolution. Additionally, there is a much larger variation in terms of lighting condition, perspective and quality of the photographs.

Habitat 3K - Specifications

Characteristics Description
Phase 1 Classes A,B,C,D,F,G,H,I,J.
Number of Images 3094
Resolution 640x480 and 3648x2736
Habitats 11344
Average annotations per image 3.66
Maximum annotations per image 6
Minimum annotations per image 1
Camera model Different Models